Asnwering Three Common Questions About IP Addresses

Running a business will involve spending much of your time developing and implementing the overarching strategies for your company. In the modern world, these strategies will often rely heavily on technology. As a result, you may need to make a number of decisions about building the IT infrastructure of your enterprise, and if you are not particularly experienced or knowledgeable about IP addresses, you may need a few questions answered. Read More 

5 Ways To Upgrade An Older Tablet While Getting A Repair

If you've had a tablet for a few years that suddenly malfunctions or breaks, it may seem easier to just buy a new one. That is not the case at all. Along with repairing the problems on your device, a professional can implement upgrades. With these upgrades, the tablet you've gotten used to for years can continue to run, last longer, and keep all of your current apps and files in tact. Read More 

4 Important Aspects Of Convection Cooling Computer Equipment

Do you hate the endless drone of the fans in your computer as they struggle to keep temperatures down at ideal levels? Does your computer's cooling system need far more maintenance than you feel comfortable providing? If so, consider building a fanless system using convection cooling equipment instead of traditional cooling fans. The convection cooling components perform the same functions as the fan without all of the noise and dust accumulation. Read More 

Improve Your Li-Ion Battery’s Performance With A Remote Computer Repair Service Call

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, like all types of batteries used in laptops, deteriorate over time. A Li-ion battery that is a year old will not provide as much power as a brand-new one; the older one may not even provide an hour of power. Although this is a hardware issue, addressing software problems might improve the battery's performance. If your computer's Li-ion battery doesn't last like it used to, a remote computer repair service provider may be able to help you. Read More 

3 Home Theater Room Upgrades You Won’t Regret

After spending hours in the audio-visual store carefully choosing a projector and the perfect screen, you might be wondering what else you can do to make your home theater special. Here are three home theater upgrades you won't regret, and how they can make your space more functional: 1: Motion Simulators Wouldn't it be cool if you could make that action movie feel more realistic for your guests? Believe it or not, you can find motion simulators that will work along with your home theater system. Read More