5 Ways To Upgrade An Older Tablet While Getting A Repair

If you've had a tablet for a few years that suddenly malfunctions or breaks, it may seem easier to just buy a new one. That is not the case at all. Along with repairing the problems on your device, a professional can implement upgrades. With these upgrades, the tablet you've gotten used to for years can continue to run, last longer, and keep all of your current apps and files in tact.

When using professionals at places like Nation's First Office Repair for tablet repair, the following five upgrades might be an option along with the repairs. All of these options can help your tablet last for years to come.

Battery Upgrades

Each time the battery drains on your tablet, it will last for a tiny bit less longer. That is the life of a rechargeable battery and eventually it will feel like it has no life at all. Instead of being forced to plug in all the time, a battery upgrade can really expand your options.

With a new battery, the tablet can have a longer life and stay in a sleep mode for numerous days. The battery that you upgrade to could potentially have more power and space to run on. This can help give you more battery power for multitasking, streaming videos, or playing games.

Port & Charger Upgrades

Plugging and unplugging a charger over and over can cause wear on your tablet. If done too much, the tablet may have trouble reading the charger or other ports like headphone jacks. When you send your device in for repair, it's a good idea to get these ports inspected and replaced if needed. By replacing the ports, you can ensure that there will not be wear issues in the future.

Repair technicians can also examine the tablet for any loose ports. If the ports are loose, the charger may not make a full connection and could damage the tablet further.

Anti-Virus Upgrades

Tablets are vulnerable to viruses through app downloads, internet browsers, and wireless connections. Obtaining a virus on your tablet could lead to stolen data, loss data, or malfunctioning operating systems. Instead of leaving the tablet vulnerable, you should treat it like a personal computer and get the proper protection.

A professional technician can install anti-virus software to help keep your tablet clean and clear of viruses. The software can be set to run automatically and remove malicious files as needed. This hands-free approach can keep your tablet clean without any work on your part.

Operating System Upgrades

Every tablet runs a specific operating system. This system is used to run apps, showcase displays, and create a great visual experience. If your tablet is a couple of years old, it may need a new operating system to feel modern again. A technician can offer you a variety of operating systems that cna be installed and flashed to your tablet. Many times you can have the latest version of the current operating system installed.

With the new system, you will have access to the latest features, along with the ability to run the new apps that are not compatible with older browsers.

Case Upgrades

One of the more common repairs for a tablet is a cracked screen. Instead of letting a cracked screen happen again, you can upgrade the exterior of your tablet with some extra protection. Technicians can place screen protectors on the screen along with a durable case that has shock absorbent features.

Special cases can be configured for different lifestyles including construction workers, hikers, or people that use  the tablet at the beach. A few upgrades can help eliminate sand and water from damaging the tablet.

As you send your tablet out for a repair, it's important to communicate the different upgrades you are interested in. This can help you keep your tablet running smooth and up to date for many more years.