Fires: Keeping Your Restaurant Safe

Having a restaurant generally means that you will be busy throughout the day working with food, serving customers and overseeing staff. You might not think about fire safety issues too much, but to protect your business and your employees, it's smart to assess a variety of issues regularly and take action when you have to. Some of the issues to focus on are detailed below. Installation and Maintenance of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Read More 

Improve Your Li-Ion Battery’s Performance With A Remote Computer Repair Service Call

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, like all types of batteries used in laptops, deteriorate over time. A Li-ion battery that is a year old will not provide as much power as a brand-new one; the older one may not even provide an hour of power. Although this is a hardware issue, addressing software problems might improve the battery's performance. If your computer's Li-ion battery doesn't last like it used to, a remote computer repair service provider may be able to help you. Read More 

5 Safety Tips For Women Living Alone

Living alone can be wonderful. You can keep your own schedule without worrying that you're inconveniencing anyone, decorate exactly how you like, and even watch movies in your underwear on a lazy Sunday (hey, no judging). But while living alone is liberating,  it's also important to be mindful of your personal safety, especially as a woman. Here are five ways to help secure your safety while enjoying your own place: Read More