Fires: Keeping Your Restaurant Safe

Having a restaurant generally means that you will be busy throughout the day working with food, serving customers and overseeing staff. You might not think about fire safety issues too much, but to protect your business and your employees, it's smart to assess a variety of issues regularly and take action when you have to. Some of the issues to focus on are detailed below.

Installation and Maintenance of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

You might be quick to fix a broken storefront window, but when is the last time you checked your fire extinguishers or thought about installing a commercial fire alarm system? Fire safety is essential when working with food, so it is smart to stay aware of what measures are in place to deal with an outbreak of flames. Installation of a commercial system makes things much easier for your restaurant employees; when a smoke detector is engaged, the system will automatically go into action and release water through ceiling sprinklers. Some alarm systems will also trigger a call to the local fire department once the water has started to spray. That can be especially helpful during the overnight hours if everyone has gone home but an appliance was accidentally left on and caused a fire.

Once you have a system installed, it's vital to continue to have the alarm contractor visit every so often to ensure that it is working well.

Employee Training

A good way to avoid fires is to make certain that your staff knows the proper way to use ovens and other appliances in the kitchen. They should also know how to monitor the appliances to look for signs of trouble. For example, looking for frayed wires and loose connections could be important to mention before an electrical fire breaks out.

Of course, it's not enough just to ensure everyone is operating things properly. Emergency training should also be done and drills should happen regularly. Many restaurants post their fire escape policy on the wall, for instance, but unless drills are done, there is likely to be confusion that could end up causing injuries or damage. Customers can become afraid in an emergency, and when you're sure that your own workers know what to do, you can encourage them to calmly assist customers in leaving the premises if necessary.

When you give attention to the above details, you're going to be able to secure and protect your restaurant and the people inside it. Talk with security experts about what measures might be best for your place of business.