Reasons to Invest in a Liquid Glass Screen Protector

When you first purchase a new cell phone, you likely treat it with the utmost care. No one can so much as touch it, let alone look at it. You carry your new device around with you like it is a newborn baby. As time goes by, however, you tend to become more relaxed and comfortable, which can lead you to drop your phone. 

Unfortunately, something as simple as accidentally dropping your phone can cause it to crack and break. Now you are panicked and looking into cell phone screen repair options. If you think you are the only one, you aren't. In fact, it is said that cell phone screens break at a mouth-dropping rate of 5,761 per hour. While looking into cell phone screen repair, it is also recommended that you invest in a liquid glass screen protector. 

More Affordable Than Constant Repair 

Imagine finally getting your phone screen repaired only to have your phone break again. Cell phone repair is not a cheap service. In fact, it is estimated that the cost to repair an iPhone range from $129 to $329, whereas repairs for a Samsung are between $79 and $599. Because cell phone screen repair tends to be costly, it is said that approximately 72% of consumers are walking around with broken cell phone screens. 

If your cell phone screen is broken, it is recommended that you take your phone in for screen repair service. However, it is also recommended that you go the extra mile and ask about liquid glass screen protector installation. Liquid glass screen protectors use nano technology to fill all the microscopic holes in your cell phone's screen to provide extra strength and durability. 

In other words, it is less likely that the screen on your phone will break and crack should you happen to drop it. Imagine how much money you would save simply by investing in a liquid glass screen protector. Many repair service professionals are more than happy to install a screen protector for you. There are even certain liquid glass screen protectors that will pay up to a certain amount to cover the cost of screen repair should your screen crack and break while the liquid screen protector is in place. 

Ask a cell phone repair expert about a liquid glass screen protector today. A professional can answer all of your questions and help you select a product that works best to protect your phone from additional breaks and cracks in the future. 

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