Use Action Cameras To Conduct Video Surveillance Around Your House On Halloween

If you've had your home victimized by pranksters on past Halloweens, you might feel a little anxious when this date approaches this year. While there are steps that you can take to reduce the risk of being victimized, including keeping your house's exterior well lit, it's a good idea to use security cameras to capture the scene. This way, if neighborhood vandals do decide to target your residence, your cameras should provide the footage that the authorities can use to identify the culprits. Having a home security company install exterior cameras is your best bet, but if you don't have time to schedule this appointment, consider using one or more action cameras (which you might have or might be able to borrow from friends) for this purpose. Here are some locations for them.

Hidden In Leaves On The Ground

It's customary for people to put security cameras around their front door, so placing your action cameras elsewhere is a good idea to avoid detection. One suitable location is on the ground aiming at the house. This way, the camera should be able to capture the vandalism and show the faces of the culprits as they leave your property. Because many action cameras have an enclosed case, you can partially bury the camera in your lawn so it it's difficult to spot, and then place leaves around it to further add camouflage.

Placed In A Vehicle

It can also be useful to put one of your action cameras inside a vehicle parked in your driveway. With the proper suction cup mount, you can position the camera to aim at your front door or elsewhere on your home, and the camera's wide angle will provide a good amount of coverage. In this location, you won't have to worry about the camera being stolen, even if it's spotted. Remember to adjust the camera's settings so that its recording light isn't on while it's recording in this position.

Attached To Your Gutter

With a clamp mount, you can easily attach an action camera to the front of the gutter on your home and position the lens to aim at your yard. In this position, you may get a clear image of the perpetrators as they come down the street and approach your house. Additionally, because the camera is only accessible by a ladder, the vandals won't be able to damage it or take it. And, given the small size of the camera, it's unlikely to be detected in this position.