3 Reasons To Purchase A Nanopositioning System

A nanopositioning system is an excellent tool that is great for use with different kinds of optical adjustments. This article will discuss 3 reasons why you should consider purchasing a nanopositioning system if this is the type of work that you do.

Helps When Dealing With Hard-To-Reach Spaces 

When you are dealing with something that has several hard-to-reach spaces, they likely have several areas that are going to be nearly impossible to try and maneuver by hand. However, with the use of a nanopositioning system, you are going to be able to shape and conform this hard-to-reach space into whatever position that you need it to be in. This is done by using powered electrodes to conform the shape. This electrodes are going to run on an X,Y, Z system, thus allowing computer programming to be used to shift and shape the different coordinates until they have created the perfect shape for you. 

Adds An Extra Level Of Safety 

If you are dealing with a product that is unsafe for you to teach or potentially even be near, then a nanopositioning system can help as well. You will be able to position the product without even being in the room or otherwise near the object. This is possible due to remote control capabilities. You will simply need to program in the measurements that you need, and the nanopositioning system will then shape the item safely and accurately for you. 

Has Handheld or PC Control 

When it comes to controlling the nanopositioning system, you have the option of using a handheld control or a PC control, Both controls are going to have different benefits, depending on what type of environment you are working in. A handheld control can be more functional if you are working in an area other than your regular office, and you don't want to have to bring your computer system with you. A control is also going to be much faster to set up in most cases, making it a great time saving option when time is of the essence. However, the PC control is great for seeing the detailed specs on the screen in front of you as well as exactly what the finished product is going to look like before you ever begin the nanopositioning process. The great thing about both types of controls is that they are not going to negatively impact the accuracy of the system.