3 Tips To Choosing Safety Cover For Switches That Will Keep Your Children Safe

Children have curious minds, and it's not unusual for young children and babies to wander around the house looking for their next adventure. If there are many electrical appliances lying around, you need to protect your children and prevent them from getting electrocuted by installing safety covers for the switches. While there are myriad of models and designs to choose from, the following 3 tips will help you find safety covers that will prevent your children from accidentally activating the switches.

Choose Brightly and Boldly Colored Covers that Draw Attention

To prevent your children from overlooking where the switches are, choose colors that are brightly and boldly colored. You want to choose colors that draw the most amount of attention as possible. Most experts agree that red is the most attention-grabbing, while yellow is the most visible color to the eye, so you should try to stick with these two colors as much as possible. Point out these brightly and boldly colored switch covers to young children, and explain to them the dangers of playing with the switch covers. You want to basically ingrain in their minds how dangerous switches of these colors can be although you don't have to go into detail with what the switches do.

If you want to further make sure that your children definitely know that these switches are out of bounds, include them in the design of the switch covers. You can paint over the switch covers with words like 'dangerous' with your children before installing them.

Make Sure the Safety Cover Fits Perfectly

When purchasing safety covers for switches from a third-party, one of the most important things you should do is to measure the dimensions of the switches accurately. The safety covers need to fit perfectly onto the switches in order to fully protect and prevent them from getting activated. You don't want to choose a cover that is too small and incapable of covering the entire switch. If the safety covers don't fit on perfectly, your child might be able to stick small items, like pins or pencils, in any gaps they find. This might accidentally flip the switch.

The safety cover should fit over not only the switch, but also the metal plate. The fasteners should secure the safety cover to the outside perimeter of the metal plate to prevent any interference at all. Keep in mind that the safety covers should be compatible with their respective switch type.

Look for Covers with Locks and Prevent Accidental Activation

Children can be quite stubborn. Although they know that the switches should not be toyed with, curiosity might still get the better of them. Because of this reason, you should shell out additional money for safety covers that can be locked or come with safety locks. This makes it much more difficult for your children to bypass the safety covers and access the switches.

There are also safety covers that prevent accidental activation. These safety covers are typically spring loaded and require two actions to be performed before the switches can be activated or accessed. They are a bit more complicated to install but are definitely worth the trouble if you have creative children. Look for accidental activation features that are as complex as possible. This will help prevent your children from accidentally toying with the switches and activating them.


To prevent accidents and injuries, it's important to be on the lookout for potential hazards and finding safety equipment that will keep young children and babies away. Installing safety covers for switches can help keep your house safe and your children away from danger.