The Benefits, Types And Cost Of Access Control Systems

To add to the security and efficiency of your business, an access control system can be one of the soundest investments that you make. These systems are high-tech and give you potential options on the levels of entry that you allow onto your property. To learn more about the advantages of access control systems, read the guidelines below and then get in touch with a company that can give you an installation.

The advantages of investing in access control systems

If you are not yet sold on the idea of investing in an access control system, perhaps a glimpse into the benefits will be useful to you. The most readily available benefit is that your building's security will instantly improve. It is very easy to cut a new key, but a burglar or thief would be hard-pressed to replicate an electronic key card, which many access control systems come equipped with. You also do not need to worry about carrying around keys, since access control systems come with a code that you can use instead. Each user has a code that will be used for each door. These systems are very high-tech, allowing you to open closed doors remotely without having to call a locksmith. Further, since the history of entrances and exits is stored digitally, you will be able to review this information and pass it on to the authorities if any suspicious activity happens.

The different types of access control systems

You have many different access control systems to choose between when shopping around. Discretionary access control means that certain users will have certain rights. Mandatory access control is more static, in that it does not give these options for selecting users who will have certain access. Role-based access control is set up based upon the job or position that a person has within your company.

The cost of access control systems

With access control systems, you will typically pay for installation per door. Key card access control costs between $1500 and $2500, while eye scanning access control can cost $10,000 or more per door. Factor in these costs when deciding the type of access control system you want and make sure to buy a warranty so that you can get repairs as needed for less money.

Keep these points in mind and touch base with an access control system contractor that can help you out. If you're interested in learning more, consider contacting companies like Complete Cabling Solutions Inc.