3 Home Theater Room Upgrades You Won’t Regret

After spending hours in the audio-visual store carefully choosing a projector and the perfect screen, you might be wondering what else you can do to make your home theater special. Here are three home theater upgrades you won't regret, and how they can make your space more functional:

1: Motion Simulators

Wouldn't it be cool if you could make that action movie feel more realistic for your guests? Believe it or not, you can find motion simulators that will work along with your home theater system.  

There are two major types of motion simulators. The first type of simulator detects noise from your sub-woofers and relays the information to a rumble pack installed under your normal theater seats. As sound is detected, the seat moves around until the noise ceases. Although this creates a realistic shock of movement, newer technology has evolved to anticipate action in a different way.

Newer motion simulators contain large actuators under the seat, which are programmed frame-by-frame for different movies. Since these systems are programmed to work in conjunction with your receiver and sound system, your simulator will work as long as there is code available for the film you are watching. Professional developers program actuator action sequences to simulate shaking, swaying, or even moving forward in a car.

Whichever motion simulator you choose, your guests might be surprised when they feel like they are right in the middle of that car chase, fire fight, or boxing match.

2: Noise Reduction Curtains

If you invested a lot into that sound system, you might be disappointed when you notice that your noise is escaping right through those windows. Believe it or not, lower bass notes can travel as far as 30 feet, which can frustrate your neighbors and provide you with a lackluster audio experience. Unfortunately, noise can also bounce off of smooth surfaces, leading to a muddy sound.

However, you might be able to make every note count and reduce din and chatter by installing sound absorbing curtains. These curtains are created from exceptionally thick, porous fabric that absorbs sound waves. In addition to cleaning up the noise, they can also keep sound inside of your house, so that your neighbors aren't as likely to call the cops about your late-night movie marathon.

To make noise reduction curtains even more useful for the home theater enthusiast, some versions also contain blackout material to keep light from ruining your get-together. With the help of noise reduction curtains, you can create a professional cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.

3: Concession Stand

Your friends might say that they are on a diet, but not many people can resist the temptation to splurge on a few treats while they watch that scary flick. If you really want to increase the value of your home theater room, consider creating a fully functional concession stand by adding these cool elements:

  • Popcorn Maker: That microwave might seem like an easy way to make popcorn in a hurry, but your friends might get annoyed with the beeping and banging doors. To create incredible popcorn and to keep it warm, invest in a professional popcorn maker. In addition to holding more fluffy popcorn, that cute red machine will lend a nostalgic touch to your room.
  • Fountain Drinks: Instead of tossing your friends a new can of soda every 45 minutes, consider adding a real fountain drink machine to your home theater room. By stocking your system with name brand soda syrups and carbon dioxide cartridges, you can top off your friend's drinks in a hurry. To sweeten the deal, that fountain drink will be about 22¢ cheaper than the typical can of soda.

When you finish putting the final touches on your home theater system, all you need to do is send out an invite for the big game, stock your concession stand, and watch your friends and family marvel at your creation.    

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